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Garnier mask mixed with a refreshing mixture with a hydrating dose of vitamin C refreshes and boosts radiance 33g

17 SAR
  • Product Description:

    Equivalent to 1 week of hydrating serum *
    Discover the first mask infused with a refreshing blend of Garnier
    A hydrating dose of Vitamin C (1) keeps her fresh until the mask is activated and a separate dry mask made of algae.
    Mix them when you need them!
    The mask, which has refreshing and effective properties, is activated instantly when it absorbs the formula that provides you with the most extreme care on contact with the skin (2) A formula contains three times more moisturizing active plant ingredient (3).
    When the two layers of the mask are mixed, the gel-like texture becomes perfectly applied on the face, giving it maximum freshness.
    Proven Effectiveness:
    After just 15 minutes: skin is refreshed, hydrated, and looking brighter and more radiant.
    After one week (5): complexion appears luminous and radiant. Skin appears healthy and fresher.

    * Quantity of a 30 ml bottle. (1) Vitamin C derivative. (2) Compared to Garnier Hydra Bomb Tissue Masks
    (3) Due to the concentration of glycerol. Self-evaluation: 50 women (4) after one use, (5) after using it 3 times a week.