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Oz Natural-Pro-Retaxinol 2.5 Facial Serum - 30 ml

101 SAR
  • Information on Dragonblood Face Serum from OZ Natural
    * It is one of the most important cosmetic products for obtaining more youthful, freshness and radiance.

    *Product made from natural tree resin to repair glowing skin.

    * Made of 98% natural ingredients.

    *Contains Hyaluronic Acid to create antioxidants.

    Rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, green tea and rose hips.

    * For all skin types (dry, oily, combination, normal).

    *Advanced formula free of harmful substances.

    Benefits of Dragonblood face serum

    * Treats people with dry skin.

    * Moisturizes, nourishes and gives vitality to the skin.

    * Reduces redness and redness of the skin and makes it bright.

    * Helps treat acne that bothers many girls and causes them embarrassment, and treats eczema, psoriasis and skin infections.

    * It treats pink skin infections for people whose skin appears red and makes them feel different from others.

    * Helps get rid of skin tags, which are benign skin bumps or bumps in some people.

    * Treats hyperpigmentation that makes the skin darker than its original color and loses its luster and luster.

    * Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that appear for women because it is an antioxidant.

    * Restoration and treatment of wounds, wrinkles, pigmentation and traces of grain.

    * Rejuvenates and stimulates collagen production.

    * Cleans the pores of the skin for a healthy and radiant complexion.

    How to use

    * Wash your skin with your favorite lotion to get rid of impurities and dust on the skin.

    Then apply the serum all over the skin.

    * Move your fingers in a circular motion on your skin to help the skin absorb and benefit from the product.

    * Be careful not to approach the eye so as not to cause any damage to you.

    * For both men and women, it is used twice daily.