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Luxless Intense Conditioner (Japanese Legend) with Cherry Blossom & Rose Extracts 500ml

36 SAR
  • Thickens your hair, adding full elasticity to fine, lifeless hair.
    Free from 11 kinds of chemicals.
    Loaded with 11 types of natural ingredients to keep hair healthy with the power of nature.
    Formula enriched with silk protein restores strength and manageability to hair. Helps control frizz and frizz, and gives soft, lively hair fullness.

    Chamomile Recutita Flower Extract: Contains a variety of amino acids, helps relieve scalp problems, and prevents excessive oil secretion.

    Rosa Rugosa Flower Oil: Consider a shiny, supple hair type with an elegant scent.

    Rosa Multiflora Fruit Extract: Rich in vitamin A, vitamin B and cherry leaf enzymes, it nourishes the hair roots and lubricates the scalp.