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CHI Platinum Blonde Hair Color Supporting Conditioner

76 SAR
  • the description
    Platinum Blonde Hair Color Boosting Conditioner: This conditioner enhances platinum blonde hair tones in one step.

    It renews the color and luster of the hair between the need for salon services.

    It is characterized by a complex of silk proteins consisting of ceramics, amino acids and silk that penetrate deeply into the hair dermis to obtain maximum color and hair hydration.

    Recommended for use either to enhance the color of natural or dyed hair to achieve platinum blonde shades.

    It is recommended to use it for levels (7-10).

    Used to enhance silver and gray tones

    It is used on gray hair to reduce yellow tones

    How to use

    After shampooing and rinsing, dry your hair with a towel to get rid of excess water

     Using a mitt, apply conditioner from roots to ends evenly over hair

     Leave it on the hair for 5 minutes under low heat and then let it cool for 10 minutes (or for 20 minutes at room temperature)

     Rinse the hair with cold water to seal the hair cuticles and keep the color inside.

     Repeat the process as needed.

     Take into account the degree and level of hair color as well as the porosity of the hair when determining the color and timing

    country of origin
    United States of America