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QV Cream is suitable for all skin types 500 gm

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  • the description

    QV Moisturizing Cream For All Skin Types 500gm is a concentrated moisturizing cream designed to moisturize dry and irritated skin. This product contains a rich and soothing formula that moisturizes the skin and improves its protective barrier. It can be used on the face and body to provide deep skin care and hydration. It comes in a 500gm bottle and comes with a pump for ease of use. The cream has a concentrated formula that contains super moisturizing ingredients like glycerin and nourishing botanical oils. The cream soothes dry, irritated skin and improves its protective barrier for soft, supple skin.

    Features of QV Moisturizing Cream for All Skin Types 500gm:
    Intensive hydration: It provides the skin with deep and intense hydration, which helps restore its softness and elasticity.

    IMPROVES SKIN BARRIER: QV Moisturizing Cream strengthens the skin's protective barrier and helps retain its natural moisture.

    SUITABLE FOR BODY AND FACE: It can be used on the skin on both parts of the body and face for all-over hydration.

    How to use QV Moisturizing Cream for All Skin Types 500gm:
    Before use, make sure the skin is clean

    Product instructions:

    It may be best to do an allergy test before use by applying a small amount to a small part of the skin and observing the reaction.

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