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Johnson Cotton Feel 2-in-1 Body Wash 300 gm

39.14 SAR
  • Product Description: Your baby's sensitive skin is up to 3 times thinner and loses moisture 2 times faster than adult skin. Therefore, it is imperative to take special care of your child's skin to ensure it is protected from drying out. Johnson's cottontouchTM 2-in-1 lotion * was developed specifically for newborn baby's sensitive skin with No More Tears formula. Made of real cotton, it cleanses and protects the delicate newborn baby from day one. Gentle, light, and pH-balanced, Johnson's cottontouchTM 2-in-1 lotion cleanses your newborn's skin without leaving any stains. * Lotion and shampoo Johnson's baby products have been trusted by mothers for over 100 years! Specifications: • A clinically proven formula suitable for the skin of a newborn baby from the first day • A gentle formula made of real cotton • Protects the skin of the newborn from the first moments of life It provides a rich, soft lather that is easy to rinse • It is less sticky and leaves no unwanted residue • It has been proven that it does not affect your child's skin in the process of normal development • Cleans and protects the newborn's skin from drying out Free from parabens and dyes Hypoallergenic (characterized by its hypoallergenic formula) Pediatrician and dermatologist tested When and how to use: It cleanses the skin with a rich, smooth lather and rinses off easily. For an even better experience, follow with Johnson's cottontouchTM lotion.