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Koleston Hair Color Medium Blonde + Developer 307/0

16 SAR
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    Product Description :

    Changing the hair color using Koleston dye gives you a new feeling and shows another direction for your personality, as well as gives you self-confidence and a sense of freedom and renewal. The unique one that reflects your personality and highlights your beauty

    How to use Koleston Color Medium Blonde No. 307/0:

    1- Prepare the emulsion:

    Empty the contents of the tube into a non-metallic dish (made of glass, plastic or ceramic) then add the revealing liquid and mix them together using a dye brush until you get a completely homogeneous dye mixture.
    Apply the dye mixture to your hair as soon as you finish mixing it well so that you get the best color result.

    2- Applying emulsion dye:

    To dye hair for the first time, apply the dye mixture to unwashed hair strand by strand using a dyeing brush.
    Please make sure to apply the dye mixture to the hair completely and not leave any part of it, and then comb
    Use a wide-toothed comb to distribute the dye product all over the hair.
    To dye the hair roots, divide your hair into parts and apply the dye mixture to each separate part and leave it on your hair for 20 minutes.
    Then comb your hair evenly towards the ends of the hair.

    3- Duration of leaving the product on the hair:

    The product should be left on the hair for 30 minutes, 20 minutes for dyeing the hair roots and 10 minutes for dyeing the rest of the hair. The color of the dye mixture may change during this period.

    4- Ending the treatment:

    The coloring process is complete.
    Step Four: Rinse and condition your hair
    - Rinse your hair until the color of the water becomes clear without color. (It is not recommended to use shampoo)
    Apply an oil replacement to moisturize the hair
    Leave it for two minutes and rinse it again.

    How to test for sensitivity on the skin:

    It must be done 48 hours before the coloring process. You need a cotton swab or an ear swathe with the end of cotton, a plastic bowl, and a plastic spoon

    Open the cap of the developer solution. Hold the tube firmly, without pressing it, and remove it from your face. Push the tapered head of the cap to puncture the tube stopper.
    Then open each tube of cream coloring cream cap. Hold the tube firmly without pressing it and keep it away from your face.
    In the plastic container, mix a small amount of the coloring cream and developer solution in the mixing ratio indicated on the package and the coloring cream tube.
    Quickly return the cap to the coloring cream and developer solution.
    Put a small amount of the product on an area of ​​1 square centimeter on the back of your hand. Leave the test site uncovered and do not touch it for 45 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. Gently dry the skin and leave the test area without touching for 48 minutes.
    Check the place of the test after 48 hours. If there are any signs of skin rash, redness, swelling, burning or itching or the like, you should not use this product and you should consult your doctor before coloring your hair again. In addition, if these signs appear already within 45 minutes of the coloring process, you should rinse your hair immediately.
    General instructions before using hair dye to get the best results:

    1- Before you start the process of coloring or dyeing the hair, you should try the dye on a small strand of your hair to get the best results you want.

    2- When dyeing your hair for the first time, try to use a color close to your hair color so that you do not notice a big difference when the hair roots grow.

    3- Follow the instructions for dyeing the hair in the order attached to the product and do not move from one step to another until after making sure that you adhere to the order of the steps and the duration of each step, especially the duration of leaving the dye on the hair, which may affect the final result.

    4- If your hair color is dark and you want to dye it in light colors, you should use the help of hairdressing or coloring experts, especially in the first time because it is not an easy process and needs professionals.

    5- Repeating the process of dyeing the hair may exhaust it and affect its vitality, so you must take care of your hair after dyeing it using the moisturizers and nutrients necessary to maintain its vitality.

    6- Do not use hair dye on wet hair

    7- Do not use hair dye until after doing a sensitivity test to the dye before use

    8- If you are a hair henna user, you must wait 5-6 months before thinking about using hair dye because the dye cannot penetrate the coat resulting from the hair bending process.