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Eucerin Purifying Toner 200 ML

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  • Lye.

    It contains anti-microbial agents that fight and prevent the growth of acne-causing bacteria
    the product
    Eucerin face toner for oily and combination skin
    Toner for oily and combination skin that clarifies the complexion and reduces large pores
    A cleansing fluid with a unique formula that is a key part of the daily cleaning process for oily and combination skin
    It can be used in conjunction with acne cosmetic products for better results
    Closes large pores and cleanses them without drying the skin, restores skin clarity and increases the freshness of the face
    It does not cause acne as it does not clog pores
    Active Formula
    Butylene Glycol
    Castor oil extracts
    Lactic acid
    the use
    Daily care for oily and combination skin
    Purify oily face pores
    Face Toner (Toner, Toner)
    Remove makeup from oily and combination skin
    Filter the complexion from impurities and blemishes
    Helps treat acne scars
    Helps treat blackheads
    How to use
    Eucerin as a toner for oily face is placed in a wet cotton and then wiped with the face or the oily area to be cleaned, and it is not rinsed with water daily morning and evening.
    A new, clean cotton ball must be used with each use.
    It is preferable to use it after lotion for oily skin.