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Givenchy Edemoiselle Essence de Ballet 100ml

605.25 SAR 494.45 SAR 18 %
  • Audemoiselle Essence de Palais by Givenchy, the feminine oriental floral fragrance. This fragrance combines the scent of mysterious leather, rich saffron, aromatic rose, and deep myrrh. It also has an amazing scent that combines intense incense, spicy roses, and sensual leather. The scent on the wind carpet transports you to the eastern places as you search for new worlds of femininity and excitement. It highlights the harmony between East and West. The black bottle decorated with golden satin is the perfect finishing touch to this wonderful fragrance. Take Givenchy Eau de Toilette Essence de Palais on your new journey into the other world.


Base components Patchouli
Middle notes The roses
Top ingredients Saffron

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